Don’t Stop In The Tunnel

I’m sure we’ve all heard the same thing over and over again: “Don’t give up, tomorrow will be better.” Everyone tells us to keep going and that there’s “a light at the end of the tunnel.” Truth be told, it might not be better tomorrow or for a while. We can’t set up unrealistic expectations that leave us feeling even more hopeless when nothing changes. However, that still doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to give up. You can’t quit just because it’s difficult to keep going. You owe it to yourself to make it to the end, and giving up simply isn’t an option. Success isn’t linear, and it won’t look the same for everyone. It’s hard to rise against all odds and create success from nothingness. It’s hard to keep moving through the dark tunnels of life. But the beautiful thing about life is that you get to decide whether you get something out of the difficult seasons or not. Even though all your problems won’t be solved by tomorrow, you can still be one step closer to finding your way to a better path. Life is rough and doesn’t show mercy to anyone.  The difference between the ones who reach what they call success, and those who don’t, is that some people refuse to let blocked roads or less than ideal life situations be the deciding factor on how their life turns out. Instead of turning your back to what life throws at you, or waiting for some promised light to appear on the other side of the never-ending tunnel, get out your flashlight and keep walking until you find a way out yourself.