Ode to 2021

by Natalie Payne, Editor-In-Chief

Dear Blue Devils, 

It is hard to believe we returned to in-person learning just a few short months ago. Though very different from pre-COVID times, we are once again able to see each other face-to-face, directly reach out to each other, and participate in the many activities that we missed while stuck at home. 

The fall sports season has come and gone while winter sports are currently underway. Extracurricular activities have resumed, including the Blueprint (shameless plug, I know), Girls Who Code, Theater, Chemistry Club, and a host of others. New clubs such as the Body Positivity Alliance, MakerSpace, and the Mechanical Keyboard Club have also emerged. Through these organizations, we have continued to establish the community that makes Springbrook such a special place. 

To the Class of 2025: Welcome to your second semester at Springbrook! I know this is not what you imagined for your high school experience, but hang in there! High school is just getting started and you will later cherish every interaction, class, and community you were a part of while attending Springbrook. So enjoy what is in front of you! Join that club, talk to that person you have never spoken to before, and take that challenging class; it will all be worth it when you look back. 

To the Class of 2024: I know this is your second year attending Springbrook, but take this opportunity of in-person learning to get even more involved in the Springbrook community. Join some more clubs, try out for the sport you didn’t get to do last year, and build those connections. You’re almost halfway there, but you still have some time to enjoy the journey. 

To the Class of 2023: You’re almost there! Finish this last semester strong, this year will come and go before you know it, and soon, college applications will be knocking on your door! Do not procrastinate on those, trust me.

To the Class of 2022: We made it! We are in the final stretches of the race that we have been running for the past almost four years. College decisions are beginning to roll out, scholarships are coming, and senior prom and graduation are creeping up on us. I know having only a small portion of “normal” high school has been difficult, but you did it! We are going places, so let’s get ready for the lifelong journey ahead of us. 


Natalie Payne (a rather experienced senior)