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The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

Why Student Service Learning?


Student Service Learning (SSL) is a Maryland state graduation requirement. Students must earn 75 SSL hours to meet this graduation requirement.

We had an opportunity to get some insight into Student Service Learning from the Coordinator of Student Leadership and Student Service Learning, Donna Kleffman.

Why is Student Service Learning so important?

– Student Service Learning is an important state graduation requirement that prepares our students for college, career, and community. SSL opportunities allow students to apply their skills to address real-world community needs, explore future career interests, and enhance their own personal well-being. Every students needs to earn 75 SSL hours to graduate from high school and earn a Maryland diploma.

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How would you recommend teachers create a more effective Student Learning process in their classroom?

– Any MCPS staff member can host a Student Service Learning opportunity for students in their classroom, as long as the service project addresses curriculum objectives and is directly connected to a curriculum-related task. The service project must contain explicit instruction in service-learning and cover the SSL phases of Preparation, Action, and Reflection. It must also serve and/or impact the wider community and address a specific community need or issue through direct, indirect, or advocacy service. Staff may find additional details about hosting an SSL opportunity for students at the following link:

Any additional information you would like to provide?

  • We encourage students, families, and staff to check out the MCPS SSL Hub ( — our one-stop shop for information and resources related to the Student Service Learning program! Students should also check their current number of SSL hours earned and review the full details of their SSL record on StudentVUE by following the directions provided at Please reach out to your school’s SSL Coordinator, Ms. Curtis, with any questions about SSL opportunities, and be sure to turn in all SSL Activity Verification forms to Ms. Curtis by the due dates listed at the top of the SSL form (

MCPS partners with The Volunteer Center:

The Volunteer Center works in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to show organizations and volunteer opportunities that have been reviewed by MCPS and meet the MCPS guidelines for SSL.

Look for the blue MCPS SSL graduation cap icon above indicating MCPS SSL organizations and opportunities.

For more information regarding the MCPS SSL requirements, resources, and forms:

Go to the  MCPS SSL website

Check out the MCPS SSL Hub for Students/Families

Contact the SSL coordinator in any MCPS  middle school or high school

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