Nya signs with Wake Forest to continue football career

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Nya signs with Wake Forest to continue football career

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Springbrook football hasn’t had much to brag about the past few seasons, but there has been one bright spot in Loic Nya. The 6-Foot-3, 265-pound lineman got offers from 6 Division 1 schools in Coastal Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Temple, Fordham and Monmouth before committing to Wake Forest in early February with a full ride.

Loic Nya has been playing football for just three years and has continued to shine the offense and defensive line. It hasn’t been an easy road for the Cameroon native who came to America just 4 years ago.

“When I came out my Sophomore year for the team I was new to the country and I barely even knew any english. It was the first time ever putting on pads and a helmet and it was very frustrating. I didn’t even know the rules. I kept messing up at practice. The coaches were getting mad at me and everybody started making fun of me saying wasn’t good enough. I was feeling down during that time and I honestly almost quit altogether. But then I remembered why I started playing and that reason kept motivating me and pushing me.”

Nya still has some work to do, considering he did not start playing football until he was a Sophomore, but the work ethic that he showed in High School should travel into college with him. Nya, a 3 star athlete according to scout, has potential to be an outstanding Lineman with the Deacs if he adds on a couple more pounds; but still has work to do with learning the game.

When asked what intrigued him when committing to Wake Forest he said “At that time it was the best offer I had and I felt like home basically and when I went there to visit the coaches persuaded me that committing to them was the best decision at the time.”

But the recruiting process hasn’t been a walk in the park for the young prospect.

“It was really frustrating and really stressful” Nya said. “I didn’t know when my first offer was going to come and it did a lot to me. It definitely weighed me down mentally, and I had to be able to be strong enough mentally while waiting. But when I finally got my first offer I became more confident in myself, and that’s when I became a better player because I knew the level that I need to be on so I can be able to compete at a D1 level.” And that he did this season as he added on another 25 pounds from last year.

Nya will probably be a redshirt freshman in his first year with the Deacons. This isn’t a bad thing for him, considering he has only been playing football for just 3 years, he will be able to work on his technique as well as add on the weight he needs too to be able to be the dominant force he can be.

It will be a long road for him to get to the level that he wants to be at and that’s the NFL. When asked if he had thought of going into the NFL he replied quickly. “Yes I plan on making a name for myself and go as far as my body let’s me. Whether it’s the NFL or Arena Football I just want to make a name for myself, and if I don’t of course I’ll have to have a second plan. But if I get the chance I’ll gladly take it.”

Nya has grown a lot of the years he has spent at Springbrook and Football. The Blue Devil community following Nya in his next step into the life of a D1 athlete.

Good luck to Loic and the Deacons!

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