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The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

Growing Concern on Climate Change


This past year we have seen and experienced the great effects of climate change. Events like the wildfires in Canada and California, extreme heat waves, and the poor air quality are all we have experienced earlier this year. I have previously mentioned the immense importance of climate change in hopes of getting better results, but the Earth still needs our help.

Throughout the past year, the profound impacts of climate change have become increasingly apparent, highlighting the need for change. From the devastating wildfires that swept through regions in Canada and California to the daunting extreme heat waves and the concerning decline of air quality in so many states, we have witnessed the undeniable consequences of our changing climate.

Despite prior emphasis on the critical significance of addressing climate change, the current state of the Earth remains problematic. Earth needs our continued commitment and preventative efforts. We must protect and heal our planet.

Extreme Weather Events 

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Earlier this year, in March, the South experienced tornadoes, killing at least 25 people in Mississippi and one person in Alabama, according to the AP. Later in May wildfires erupted in Alberta, Canada. The Canadian wildfires continued and started to affect air quality all over the world. Smoke from the fires quickly traveled to the U.S.A. A total of eighteen states, including ours, were under air quality alerts. Washington, D.C., and New York City were among the top 10 worst air quality rankings, according to IQAir. The effect of the Canadian wildfires stretched all the way to June. Later in July, we experienced the hottest days on record globally. Regions across the globe experienced heatwaves. Similarly, in August high global temperatures led to disasters. The Hawaiian Island of Maui experienced a wildfire that killed over 110 people. As recent as it can get, we also experienced extreme weather events in September. Australia encountered heatwaves, Linya experienced rainfall that caused floods, and Tropical Storm Ophelia on the Eastern Seaboard at the end of the month. As you can see, it has only gotten worse.

Act Now

It is not too late to start acting now. One thing you can do right now is turn off the lights. Think about the number of lights we turn on each day that we do not even need! It is one simple task that anyone can do from home. One other thing you can do is to reduce your use of plastic. Simply using a reusable bottle can help our environment.


  1. Support your local climate change organization.
  2. Join or start an environmental club at your school.
  3. Get involved in climate change strikes.
  4. Speak to elected officials.


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