Series: The Climate Movement Across the World

March 21, 2020

Editor-in-Chief Joel Lev-Tov is taking a critical look at the climate movement across the world. He interviews activists from across the world to get a sense of the issues they address. What motivates the activists? Have they seen any progress in their countries?


Part I – USA and Argentina

The Climate Movement Across the World — Part 1

U.S. Fridays for Future activists try to address the complex social justice issues that accompany it — but have they done enough? What problems do activists face? What does it look like in Argentina?

The Climate Movement Across the World — Part 2

Intuitively, one would be tempted to think that Germany is a progressive martyr in the climate movement. But is it really? Activists have their doubts.

The Climate Movement Across the World — Part 3

The African continent will be one of the regions hardest hit by the climate crisis, but activists are fighting back. They say they are faced with crippling apathy, though. What issues to they fight for?

The Climate Movement Across the World — Part 4

At first glance, India and Israel are similarly polarized societies. But there are stark differences in messaging and the issues they fight for or don’t.

Our Editor-in-Chief reflects on his journey:

When I was first researching this story, I was planning compare only to Germany and the US. After interviewing American activists, I realized that the climate crisis is, at its core, racist, sexist, ageist, and classist, at least in terms of its effects. I began to understand that I couldn’t afford to interview just American and German activists. Brown and black people in the poorest regions are already suffering the brunt of the climate crisis, yet are almost never highlighted in the coverage of the climate crisis. That’s why I embarked on this crazy mission. I didn’t want to complain about the issue without doing anything. I wanted to be the change. I sought out activists in these marginalized regions and asked activists in the privileged part of the world how they approach the topic. Reporting on this opened my eyes to the complexity of the climate crisis. Until my reporting mission, I didn’t understand how unjust the climate crisis’ effects are. That’s why I became a climate activist myself and try to put those issues at the forefront of my activism.

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