The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

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The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

Springbrook’s PTSA Earns School of Excellence Award


MCPS proudley shared the news of Springbrook High School’s Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) achieving the prestigious “School of Excellence” designation, a testament to their commitment to excellence that will be valid for the next two years.

One of the key initiatives of the PTSA has been the enhanced communication of resources, particularly with a focus on engaging the Hispanic community. This includes an increase in the translation of materials into Spanish and the introduction of a WhatsApp group allowing communication in multiple languages.

The PTSA has also been actively bringing in various guest speakers to address critical topics. Notable figures such as George Simms, Chief of the State Attorney’s Community Outreach Team, shed light on the dangers of medications laced with Fentanyl. Other speakers covered wellness, college and career resources, emergency preparedness, and health forums.

Educational Resources and Financial Support for Students

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The PTSA has not only organized events but has been a strong supporter of educational and financial needs:

  • Sponsoring meals for college representatives during Supported College Day.
  • Providing transportation for students participating in apprenticeship workshops.
  • Offering financial support to students, including scholarships for book costs and Prom tickets.

Grants and Initiatives

The PTSA successfully obtained grants, including the “Create with Kindness” grant from the National PTA/Tik-Tok, emphasizing responsible social media use. Additionally, a Health and Wellness Grant will fund a Family Forum on Mental Health & Substance Use Prevention on February 24th.

Engaging Student Participation

The PTSA has actively involved students in various projects, including the development of their logo by a Springbrook student named Sheneisia. Student organizations such as SGA, NHS, and BSU have all presented their goals and accomplishments.

Advocacy and Improvement Initiatives

The PTSA advocates for Springbrook at the county level to secure necessary resources for the school. Delegates Blain Tekeste and Heinz Weverink have been vocal in communicating with MCPS and the Board of Education for both maintenance and capital improvement items. Their efforts have led to improvements such as a new crosswalk and enhancements to the Greenhouse and Ceramics room.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Recognizing the hard work of the school’s faculty, the PTSA has organized various appreciation events, including luncheons, snacks for meetings, and holiday celebrations. Gift cards have been distributed to counselors, ensuring that the dedication of the staff is acknowledged and appreciated.

Support for Major School Events

The PTSA plays a vital role in supporting major school events such as Homecoming, Winter Formal, and After Prom. Notably, the After Prom event, entirely organized and funded by the PTSA, provided a drug-free and safe environment for approximately 120 students at Terpzone.

The Springbrook High School PTSA has proven to be a dynamic force, not only achieving excellence but actively engaging, supporting, and advocating for the entire school community. The PTSA’s varied approach ensures a holistic and positive impact on the Springbrook High School experience.

To learn more about our PTSA, please visit their website:

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