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The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

The official student news site of Springbrook High School. #thebrooknews

The Blueprint

Legally Empowered: Mock Trials and Student Leadership at Springbrook


Ms. Laskin, a Law teacher, paralegal studies professor, and practicing attorney, has been coaching Mock Trial since the 2018-19 school year.

I chose to sponsor Mock Trial because we used to have a team back in the day, and having taught in a law program for two years, I believed it could greatly benefit students and serve as a valuable addition to the law program at Springbrook.

It’s undeniably a culture of student leadership. I believe the less I do, the better our team performs, and the student captains are the secret sauce. Our team votes for captains the year before the next season, and our work culture is highly collaborative—everybody helps everybody. There is no competition within our team; however, when we are in trial, we are very competitive.

Two crucial elements are the students’ enthusiasm and Attorney Coach Mr. Ed Crooke, a highly experienced trial lawyer and a Springbrook parent. Attorney Crooke has played an essential role in the team, enhancing the skills of each member and fostering enthusiasm.

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Every year brings great memories, but I especially love it when students surprise me by trying unexpected strategies that work. Even if we don’t always win that round, I appreciate when students take risks.

Hemien Temesgen, a sophomore and a witness on Mock Trial for two years, decided to join because of his interest in the law.

“The Mock Trial dynamic is friendly, making me feel like I can work better in my day-to-day life.”

The Mock Trial’s success is attributed to everyone having experience in the law field and mock trial, which facilitates trial planning.

A favorite memory is the day we won against Churchill; on the bus ride home, it felt like I was truly part of a team and had earned the victory.


Mock Trial Roster 2024:
  1. Leoul Ayalew
  2. Jack Bentley
  3. Matt Cho
  4. Kai Cleary
  5. Kima Taylor
  6. Owen Crooke
  7. Nabiot Dube
  8. Alexander Gomez-Munoz
  9. Gabriel Gyaase
  10. Amber Li
  11. Madeline Macias
  12. Chanel Mack
  13. Joshua Quezada Martinez
  14. Meher Singh
  15. Hemien Temesgen
  16. Winta Tesfaye
  17. Aurora Watkins
  18. Dayana Weiss
  19. Melat Wonde
  20. Natna Zena
  21. Carl Dexter
  22. Pranshu Tyagi
  23. Yoseph Zerihun

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