Homecoming Makes Its Exciting Return


photo by Lifetouch photography staff

As homecoming reaches its conclusion, students gather around to take one last group photo.

To start off the school year strong, many students were excited to participate in school events again, especially after the absence of in-person learning due to COVID-19. They were eager to find the perfect homecoming outfit, purchase tickets, and convince their friends to come along. Homecoming made its anticipated—yet unfamiliar—return. The most notable difference was the change of setting. Due to the pandemic, the event was moved outdoors to the school’s parking lot. Instead of seeing the smiling faces of students, we saw colored masks. Although the homecoming theme was masquerade, the COVID masks alone were enough to fit the theme, making this year’s occasion as unusual as ever.

Given the current conditions, there were many limitations on this year’s celebration. Some students couldn’t help but compare it to pre-COVID events. “It felt less separated, everyone was more inclusive, [and] it forced people to come closer together,” Eula Creighton-Randal, a senior, stated about her previous experience at Springbrook’s homecoming dance. Some students believed that this year’s celebration didn’t quite bring a sense of community. Weather conditions were also a concern; some students even expressed that they would have preferred the event to be inside due to the cold evening breeze. 

Nevertheless, the homecoming sponsor, Ms. Campbell, and the Student Government Association (SGA) planned tirelessly, while keeping COVID-19 restrictions in mind. They found it best to have the dance in Springbrook’s staff parking lot because it provided sufficient lighting and surfaces for dancing, nearby bathrooms, and easier security monitoring. The smaller space, in contrast to the expansive gym the event was usually held in, brought the dance floor to life. 

The SGA were particularly stressed since it was their first year planning the occasion. Nevertheless, because of the team’s efficiency, difficulties such as the lighting and ticket sales were resolved relatively quickly. The worries of our student leaders, such as the lack of school spirit, were instantly relieved when they received overwhelming positivity. 

I saw stories and posts flood my feeds about the dance when no other student body had that kind of energy before, and there’s no doubt that this year’s dance set a high standard for any future ones,” SGA president, Alex Nguyen recalled. He believed the dance was incredibly successful and could even be one of the best in the county. 

Although this year brought numerous challenges, this homecoming dance left a lasting impact on Springbrook students. Many students had an amazing time. A freshman commented, “I like[d] the food, seeing my friends and the music.” Many students claimed that they were excited to hang out with their friends again, and new underclassmen expressed their excitement of experiencing homecoming for the first time. Among the bright lights, many groups of people danced together, sang along to songs, and cheered their friends on. Some lined up to take Photobooth pictures with their friends while others gathered around to eat and chat. The school year, so far, has been very different and homecoming was no exception. However, at the end of the day, the joyous occasion brought students together under a cheerful environment to make lasting memories.