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Summer in Maryland: A Guide to Having Fun

by Renee Osei, Staff Writer

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As summer approaches, many people may have a full schedule of what they plan to do…while others may be the opposite. You don’t need to travel to Hawaii or France in order to have a great summer vacation, there are so many things to do over break in Maryland.

With the passage of Memorial Day, cookout season has officially begun. A cookout is one of the best ways to have fun in the summer that cost nothing (unless you’re the host). Who doesn’t love grilled meat, baked mac and cheese along with great music? No one! Cookouts during the summer is a summer tradition for all, if they are not already part of your summer plans, they should be.

At Home Spa
A great way to reenergize and relax is to have an at home spa day. What makes an at home spa so great is that you can customize it your personal liking. Yes; you can choose what masks to use, whether you want to soak your feet in water or in mud (aztec clay foot detox), and overall how your spa day will run. All you need are some towels, face masks (or ingredients to make your own facial masks), warm water and a bathtub (give yourself a nice relaxing bubble bath; you deserve it!). You can even invite friends and make it a girls (or guys) day in.

Get A Job
With all the extra time on your hands, you can make some money. A job may not seem fun but it can be if you find a place to work that you actually like (think of all the free food or discounts you could get) and the very obvious…you’ll be making money. Job finders such as, snagajob, can make finding jobs much easier. Having money means you can fund all your other great summer plans!

Get A New Hobby
If you decide that you don’t want to get a job (or maybe no one hired you), you can get a hobby to fill the extra time. You can do the conventional stuff…learn a new language, play a sport, start baking, etc. You may also want to begin doing some more interesting things such as mountain biking, ceramics or even origami. You’ll have nearly 3 months to begin and

Explore Your State
Museums, art exhibits, music festivals are all things found right here is Maryland and nearby (DC). The National Aquarium is open all days of the week and there a variety of things to do there alone! Get up close and personal with dolphins with the dolphin encounters experience, go on tour or explore freely with family and friends!

If you’re more of an outside person, visiting Great Falls near Potomac and it’s open all days of the week from 7am to 30 minutes after the sunsets giving you plenty of time to go hiking, kayaking, fishing, boating and much, much more. there’s Six Flags, the Baltimore and so much to do in Maryland.

Become A Food Critic (Maybe a Chef)
Maybe not an actual food critic with a degree, but you don’t need a degree to judge food. During the summer there is plenty of time to spend eating food, and there are plenty of restaurants to go to around Maryland. A quick Google search and you will be able find restaurants with food that caters to your taste and a quick drive (or walk, build up your appetite!) and you can judge.

Let’s say you did not get the job you were suggested to get a couple headings above…then you may not have the money to go and criticize other people’s food, but you can make your own food and have other people judge it. Make it into a fun day with your friends or family and turn it into a cooking competition with the winner getting a coupon to one of their favorite restaurants!

There an infinite amount of things to do in Maryland, this list is just the beginning. You don’t need tons of money to go to someplace expensive or have to do something super grand in order to have a good summer. Having fun with people you enjoy hanging out with will bring many great memories to your summer vacation.

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Summer in Maryland: A Guide to Having Fun