Pippin is loads of fun for audiences


by Luka Yetter, Staff Writer

I was a little skeptical coming into the theatre, because Adrienne D’Orazio; the former director of Springbrook theatre is no longer part of the production due to her departure to Pennsylvania.

D’Orazio, with the help of John Weinshel and Cat Pong rekindled theatre here five years ago. I was apart of two of the six amazing shows they put on, getting better every year, so I came in on Sunday not knowing how it would go down.

Pippin is a Tony Award winning show for Best Revival of a Musical in 2013.

Considering its difficult musical score, it’s elaborate circus theme and its acrobatic dancing. Pippin is personally a hard show to pull off, and I thought Springbrook Drama did a sufficient rendition of it.

From the start, I was amazed by the set. Cat Pong (set director) and Steven Brown (student set director) really outdid themselves once again. The set was grand and creative, turning King Charles Chamber into trees creating a forest.

My personal favorite set piece was the “Shadow Box” a big, television like box with a projection inside. Its versatility amazed me from its use as a map for King Charles campaign to Bertha’s sing along interaction with the crowd.

Andre Leonor, who portrayed the young Pippin, had a fitting voice for the part, it was soft and dreamy.

Lila Cooper who did not come on until the second act, playing Catherine, Pippin’s lover. Although her stage time was short, she shined in every part of it, stealing the show for me.

Like every show a strong ensemble is a necessity, and Pippin had a one. It was one of the strongest that I’ve seen. It was strong in the singing, acting, and dancing department.

Although there many singing and acting mishaps in the show, I think that if you are planning to see Pippin you will have loads of fun, and if it’s not it’s definitely a worthwhile show to see.