Students react to winter ball approval


Billy Madden and Jesse Turcious pose in front of the Winter Formal ticket booth.

The winter formal is scheduled to take place on February, 24th. It is exclusive to the class of 2018 and 2017. However, upperclassmen may bring underclassmen if they are their dates for the night. Without an upperclassmen date, underclassmen will not be allowed into the dance.

The idea of a winter formal first sprung up last year during the first semester, when students started a petition to in order to convince administration to let them have it. After the unsuccessful attempt, the hopes and dreams of a winter formal simply faded.

As the 2016-2017 school year began, that idea was brought back to life by the senior student council. With much work and contribution, students were finally able to make it happen. Redeate Alemu, the class of 2018 student council president, said, “I wanted to give it one last chance, so I wrote a 3 page proposal on why we should have a formal and it got approved!”

The goal according to the class of 2017 student council is not only to gain a profit for their class to utilize for their prom, but to have an event exclusive to upperclassmen, primarily seniors.

“Homecoming wasn’t all that to be honest. It was kind of ruined by the Juniors and sophomores,” said senior Yolou Seri, “also the DJ was not the best for sure.”

However many believe the idea is quite unfair and does not really make any sense.

“It doesn’t make any sense. That’s like having two proms in one year. There really isn’t much different between our school’s classes. It’s not fair and I am really not for it. Plus people who want to take a freshmen or sophomore date?” said junior David Joya.

Another worry of completely excluding underclassmen is that there will be a bad turn out. Seniors only make up a quarter of the school. One must question how the senior class would gain any profit from this event.

“It’s good to see that our class is working for itself. I feel like class competition is healthy. I don’t know what people have against it,” said senior Jonathan Arias.
The seniors are not the only class focused on this concept. It seems that the juniors have made plans to benefit exclusively their class as well.

Mrs. Giddens, the class of 2018 student council, says “The council is actually planning a spirit week for the spring, which isn’t odd due to the fact that many high schools do them… ” She went on to talk about how the new spirit week will not be associated with any sports events and that it will finish with an event the friday the week it is held.

It seems that most students are content with the development of new traditions. With a rise in spirit and Valentine’s day around the corner, many can look forward to the winter formal.