Five myths about Springbrook


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All Springbrook students are in gangs. This is far from true. Students at Springbrook have their friend groups just like any other high school, but these groups are not gangs. Stereotypes cause the common misconception that these groups are gangs but this is simply not the case.

There are no white people at Springbrook. Springbrook is a very diverse high school. There are a lot of students that have different backgrounds and cultures. Yes, there is a majority of African American and Hispanic students, but there are still many Caucasian students at Springbrook.

“There is many white people at Springbrook, but I feel like every year there is less white people and more African American and Hispanics,”  senior Maria Diaz said.

We are only good at basketball. This is a common misconception about athletes here at Springbrook. Although our basketball team has done an excellent job the past few years including last year’s team making it to the state semi-finals. However, other teams at Springbrook have also excelled including field hockey who made it to region finals this year. The girls varsity lacrosse  won their division last year , and the boys lacrosse team who made it to the second round of playoffs, also last year. Although basketball gains more publicity, our other athletic teams work just as hard and often times achieve the same caliber of success.

Colleges do not give students credit for IB classes if they are not in the full IBDP program. Most colleges award credit for  passing the IB tests from students who are not in the full diploma program. After completing a course, students receive an IB Certificate which many colleges accept for credits just as they accept AP courses. A quick visit to the College Board website shows that “Certain colleges offer credit to students who earn high enough scores on IB exams.”

The only fights that happen in MCPS are at Springbrook. Fights are common at all high schools. What is high school without a couple of childish fights? All schools in MCPS experience fights . However, fights that occur at Springbrook are often  publicized. They are talked about on social media and even local news reports which exaggerate the number of fights at The Brook as compared to other schools. The attention gives us an uncalled for and unnecessary bad representation.

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