The Blueprint

2014-2015 Staff

Tim Hibberd

This is Tim Hibberd's second year at Springbrook. He teaches Honors English 12 and serves as the adviser for the Blueprint and the Trident. He is almost always seen wearing some blue button-up shirt.

Michelle Gomes

This is Michelle's second year on staff. She is excited that she has grown five millimeters over the summer.

Jaspreet Purewal

This is Jaspreet's second year on the Blueprint. She is the print editor. She is still very bad at writing bios about herself.  

Mellie Mesfin

This is Mellie's second year on staff. She hates it when her forehead hits the top of door frames. #tallpplproblems

Tisam Yusuf

This is Tisam's first year on staff. She likes to question, "What's the yusuf this?"

Amanda Ly

This is Amanda's third year on staff. Well, she technically isn't taking newspaper this year but we like her enough to include her on staff.

Jessica Ho

This is Jessica's first year on staff. Contrary to what her photo shows, she truly has a nice nose in person.

Lindsey Collins

This is Lindsey's third year on staff. She is a protographer and has aspirations to be a photojournalist. Along with her role as Social Media Manager, Lindsey works as Entertainment Editor and Photography Editor.

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