Livingstone Embraces Family’s Athletic History


photo by Yearbook Staff

Junior David Livingstone competes in a 2019 winter track meet.

by Saron Wondwossen, Staff Writer

It is not uncommon for Springbrook students to decide to join a team they hadn’t planned on simultaneously. David Livingstone began his running career in his freshman year of high school during the spring outdoor track season.

He started running in pursuit of fulfilling the artistic side of him. “As a Jamaican, track is a big part of my culture and family.” Growing up, David watched many Jamaican runners on tv. Many of these people were an inspiration to him and pushed him to join the track team. Joining the team was also a way to help David improve his speed.

David practices up to 5 days a week, 2 hours, or more a day. He pushes himself to be the best runner he can be. Being a part of the team for almost two years, David has received a lot of positive feedback from both his coaches and teammates. Since joining the team, David goes to practice multiple times a week, goes on runs during his free time, and has gone to many meets, where his times continue to improve. Earlier this season, he broke the boys DMR school record. His teammates have been a large part of David’s success.

“My teammates are very supportive of me. They are always the loudest when I am running and always cheer me on at practice and in competition. They want me to do the best I can.”

During the fall season, rather than being on the cross country team, David plays for the Springbrook Boys Varsity Soccer team. This is not only an effective way to stay in shape throughout the year but also help improve his running skill, as soccer is also a sport that consists of a lot of running. During the summer, David goes to Springbrook’s summer track program run by the coach, to stay in shape. He is also participating in Springbrook’s soccer workouts before the fall season begins.

David has big dreams for himself as a runner. He will continue running in college after graduating in 2021 and hopes to be able to proceed further past that. “I plan to run track for as long as I can in high school, college, and hopefully professional.” He finds his motivation through his family, who is always supportive of him and wishes for the best.

“Running track has made my family and friends proud of me and what I am able to do.” Not only is he doing this for the people watching him, but for himself.