Slow down, and Breathe

by Clara Appiah

Have you ever caught yourself constantly worrying or in a state of fear day to day? Has there been times where you have gotten lost within your thoughts worrying about an or task and your heart starts beating fast or you stress sweat? There’s a good chance you may be anxious. 

It is okay. Everyone has those moments when they are scared of not knowing what is coming next. If you ever catch yourself in this situation, just stop what you’re doing close your eyes and breathe. Deep breathes will allow you to calm down. Take one day at a time. Another tip which most of us fall at is getting enough sleep. As teenagers, we are supposed to be getting nine and a half hours of sleep, but, on average, we get seven. Personally, I don’t even get seven at times, I only get four or five. Fixing this issue and sleeping longer will decrease the amount of anxiety you have.