Class Council Q&A


photo by Yearbook Staff

Springbrook’s class of 2019 is pictured in their yearbook photo.

The Blueprint sat down with current class council presidents and discussed future plans and ideas that the student representatives have in mind. From homecoming hallway decorating to football game tailgates, this year’s student councils have been planning activities for their class, as part of a long-standing tradition of leadership at Springbrook. The primary purposes of the student council are to voice the concerns of the student body, organize events and activities, and raise funds for the activities they have planned for their class.

*The freshman class council elections will be held this December.

Grade 10:

The second term president for the class of 2021, Abhay Maloo, is a student ambassador for Springbrook and a member of the Varsity Swim and Dive team. He plans on mobilizing the class of 2021 to participate in school-wide events and display their school spirit.

photo by Sydney Jaffe
Sophomore class president Abhay Maloo is pictured in his portrait for The Blueprint.


Q: What do you plan to change or improve from last year?

A: “Last year we were not able to represent the voice of our grade, and I want to be able to advocate for their wishes and feedback this year.”

Q: What are your plans for this school year?

A: “I plan on increasing our class fund immensely through various fundraisers. We can then use this money to jumpstart a plethora of activities for our grade. In addition, class shirt and spirit wear is at the top of the to-do list.”

Q: What are some of the foreseeable obstacles that you might face this school year?

A: “The biggest obstacle that the counsel will collectively face will be a lack of spirit. The class of 2021 is cultivating immensely more class spirit than last year, but we still have a long way to go. ‘We’re not done till 2021!’”


Grade 11:

Redeit Woldebirhan, former vice president, is this year’s junior class president. Redeit is the secretary for the Minority Scholars Program and the Spanish National Honors Society. She is also a member of the National Honor Society, Math National Honor Society, and is a student ambassador. This school year, Redeit plans on keeping students involved with all the activities and making sure people have school spirit.

Q: What do you plan to change from last year?

A: “This year we’re mainly going to focus on having everything planned out, so making sure that we have an actual concrete calendar in advance, rather than just working along the way.”

Q: What are your plans for this school year?

A: “We’re trying to get at least one activity or fundraiser per month this year. We’ve already had our chipotle fundraiser, and our powderpuff game is coming up. Soon we are going to start working on our class shirts also.”

Q: What are some of the foreseeable obstacles that you might face this school year?

A: “It’s just about participation, you know. Sometimes, maybe because of money reasons, students won’t be able to come to events we plan, so we are going to try to make it as accessible as possible.”

photo by Sydney Jaffe
Redeit Woldebirhan is pictured in her portrait for The Blueprint


Grade 12:

The senior class council president this year is Serenity Matthews. As a first time member of the class council, Serenity has many plans in store to make this year memorable for our graduating class.

Q: How do you plan to improve your strategies from last year?

A: “This is my first year on the student council, but it’s fun and I have a lot of plans for this year.”

Q: What are your plans for this school year?

A: “Me, as well as the other council members, we have a lot of things planned that we want to get done for the seniors, like senior trips and bonding activities. As far as the entire school goes, I don’t know if you’ve seen the new mascot, but that was made possible by my vice president, Hannah, and I. We try to get things done, and we’ll try to do more fundraising to expand the budget.”

Q: What are some of the foreseeable obstacles that you might face this school year?

A: “I don’t think that there are any major problems. The main problem is getting things approved. It’s kind of hard to balance when people want to do certain things. We like to ask for people’s ideas, we don’t want to just tell you guys what we are going to do, but in order for us to make things possible, we have to get everything approved, and that can be a long process.”