Featured Game: Football- Springbrook vs Magruder High

Playing hard until the end, Friday October 18, 2018 the Blue Devils’ varsity football lost to the Magruder Colonels 20 to 44. But they were determined to win and played hard until the final minute.

The first half started off rocky for the Blue Devils, they gave up three touchdowns in the second quarter alone. However in the second half Magruder’s defense started to crumble while the Blue Devils’ offense began to play. They scored only a minute into the third quarter and again six minutes later.

As Magruder’s luck started to change, their linesmen started excessively holding. It devolved into a penalty that prevented the Colonels from gaining 60 yards. By the end of the third quarter They were able to eventually regain their footing, scoring two more touchdowns by the end of the third quarter to secure the game for the Colonels.

After the game Coach Jeter reflected, saying, “We played two different halves, first half we didn’t play very well, we stepped up the second half. Showed a little bit of improvement so I’m proud of how they finished the game but we’ve got a lot of mistakes to fix for next week”


Some highlights of the game include, a 26 yard return by Edwin Peralta (Number 18) at 10:05 in the second quarter, a touchdown run by (Number 12) at 10:54 in the third, and another touchdown run by Arthur Lloyd (Number 8). For Magruder, Jeremiah Baxter (Number 6) set a record of six touchdowns in one game.

“We’re going to work hard in practice. Every week we come out and work hard. When the guys are out here they bust their butts, they work hard every day. If we can get more guys like them out on the team we’ll be in great shape” says Coach Jeter on improving for next week.