Yes, IB is worth it. Here’s why:

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Yes, IB is worth it. Here’s why:

by Jai Mehra, Staff Writer

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Springbrook High School’s International Baccalaureate program is a globally recognized curriculum that allows students to take courses different from the standard set offered in Montgomery County Public Schools. This program teaches students to think freely and develop independence when it comes to class assignments and projects. These classes can fill your core subject credits, including math, history, and science courses. However IB isn’t the only academically rigorous course pathway offered at Springbrook, as most students prefer to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Subsequently, many students are conflicted when deciding which pathway to choose. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is the best way to go, and is beneficial for all types of learners. Here are five reasons why IB is worth the time and effort:


  1. Preparation for college rigor

Colleges and universities are quite the intense academic environment. The classes are much harder compared to high school courses so everyone is forced to adjust to the level of coursework quickly or face the consequences of bad start. IB classes offer the practice to get you ready for intense, strenuous college classes, and allows students to become familiar in such environments.


  1. The IB program offers a diverse set of classes that relate to various career fields

The IB program has a large set of various classes to choose from to allow you to explore different fields they may be interested in. For example, Springbrook’s IB film class allows students to study and learn about film techniques used in the past and today’s in Hollywood. These diverse classes are essential to letting students explore their options in a career they may want to pursue. Access to various pathways and resources are an essential part of finding a career pathway and adequately preparing for one.


  1. Various colleges accept IB coursework for college credit

A 2017 study done by College Board revealed that the average tuition for college classes per year for students is approximately $23,890. This is a large financial burden for most students and is one that often sticks around in the form of unpaid student debt for college graduates. However, similarly to AP classes, those who take IB classes and pass the final exams at the end of the program often receive graduation credits at the college or university they attend. This allows students to be exempt from paying tuition for the classes that they receive credit for; thus lessening the financial burdens of college.


  1. IB classes allow for an environment of like-minded peers

Only a small portion of students choose to pursue the IB diploma. This means that, if you pursue IB, you will have most of the same people in all of your classes. This allows you to surround yourself with the same people who want to do well academically and go to college. These fellow students will have a similar drive and will help you pursue your academic dreams.


  1. IB allows students to pursue an international education

Because IB is an internationally recognized curriculum, students are able to apply to schools overseas and have their international diplomas recognized by foreign institutions. IB students have gone to study include Italy, Argentina, Finland, Egypt, and many other countries. Students interested in foreign languages or seeking an international experience are encouraged to apply to schools overseas. IB is the only program that gives students an added benefit when applying to an international college. Some popular overseas institutions include the University of Bologna in Italy, Bristol University in England, and the University of Freiburg in Germany.

Want to learn more about the International Baccalaureate program? See Mrs. Trivers or Mr. Weinshel.

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