A thought: Women


photo by Getty Images

Studio Portrait of a Mixed Age, Multiethnic, Large Group of Happy Women Wearing White Tops

by Amietee Fuondjing, Guest Contributor

The following post is a guest contribution from a member of Springbrook’s Creative Writing Club.

I love women. I live and breathe women. Women are the reason why I bother to look presentable. Women are the reason why I move with the sort of professionalism I move with. Women are the reason why I push myself everyday to be a better man than I was yesterday because I know I am not worthy of her company, and to even come close would be something special.


It has reached a point where my infatuation for women has surpassed any sexual means and now solely lies in honest admiration. Hearing a woman speak, watching her at her work, gazing at her strut is the most humbling experience a man could ever dream (and us men need to be humbled). Even as I write this I am committing the greatest folly against the woman, for she does not need to be told how amazing she is for her to know it. In both cases we intentionally or unintentionally treat women as objects. As men we either delegate the woman to roles and responsibilities far beneath her capability or we, wholeheartedly believing we are doing the gentlemanly thing, overprotect the woman to the point where she feels she is of no use. But this is quite the contrary because women are in fact the strongest beings on earth. Women are the ones who beget spiritual and physical life in the universe. Women were the muses of the greatest thinkers and artists to ever inhabit this earth. Even Adam, who stood tall amongst all the subsidiary species on God’s earth, recognized that only a woman, Eve, could make him complete.


Only a woman can inspire a man. Only a woman can successfully tame the brute within man. When a woman has faith in you it feels like any task is conquerable. Women love hard. Women are sources of love, energy, tenderness, warmth, knowledge, and safety. It may be a man’s world, but women are definitely the ones that make it go round. And when men eventually destroy the world, women will be the ones to revive it.


Despite of all this we hurt our women. We impose our masculinity on the woman and strike down her confidence. We assume a twisted level of entitlement to every aspect of her being. We tear away at her comfortability and mold it into insecurity. A woman can absorb so much pain and not even bat an eye, something us men cannot even come close to comprehending. A woman’s reservation is her ultimate defense mechanism, and her self worth is her greatest treasure. A woman’s intuition is unmatched. I have never gone wrong when I have taken a woman’s advice.


I am a man, the inferior specie between the two. I will continue to make mistakes. I will continue to slip up and mistreat my queen. I am still learning everyday. But women are more forgiving and patient than they need to be, and even though I won’t deserve it, she’ll take me in her arms along with all my faults.


Thank you women, for being beautiful and strong. For being your amazing selves. I will always appreciate you. I am forever indebted.