Drama Club Takes on ‘Romeo and Juliet’


photo by Jade Soto

by Jade Soto, Staff Editor

Seats were filled to capacity Friday night, on December 8th, in Springbrook’s auditorium, where students, staff, and family all gathered to view the Drama Club’s spectacular rendition of Romeo and Juliet — the legendary tragedy of two star-crossed lovers — written by William Shakespeare.

The traditional love story has been around for centuries, stirring up the emotions of a multitude of generations. The sentimental ‘true loves kiss’ was arguably a major highlight of the play, which left the audience begging for more. Romeo and Juliet, the main characters, were played by none other than sophomores Julia Mair and Miles Solomon.

The cast of the play told the Blueprint that the performance and overall experience with fellow cast members really made theater enjoyable.

“The time you spend with the cast members really gives you the opportunity to make a lot of new friends, and you wish you could be around them more often”, said Mair.

The spectacular performance of the students involved in the production was beyond impressive, but cast and crew members expressed that the preparation for the performance was a bit overwhelming. Students said that making time for the play and balancing practices with classwork and other extracurricular activity put them at a disadvantage when it came to memorization of lines and costume preparation for the film.

Miles Solomon shared some insight on his own efforts to prepare for the production. “It’s with Shakespeare’s lines especially, and you have to learn what he’s referring to when you say them so the audience can understand,” said the young Romeo.

Incorporating lines from Shakespearean literature — a style of writing that is over 300 years old — can especially be difficult when connecting it to modern day language. This obstacle however, was addressed with the help of director Joseph Bissex.

The Springbrook Drama Club produced a great rendition of the age-old play with a twist of modern day culture. There were multiple performances which were showed over the course of three days.

The cast and crew both expressed that they were satisfied with the way the play went. If given the opportunity, many suggested personal improvements they would have made on themselves including Bethel Mesfin who portrayed Lady Capulet: “Definitely walking in those heels and attempting not to fall down the stairs,” she said.

The Drama Club has yet again produced a great show, which now has those in the Springbrook community on their heels for the highly anticipated musical that will be coming this spring.